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Adding A Cameo

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Cameos have to be in SHP format. If you want to convert a PCX (PNG, JPG, etc. also work) image to SHP, see Converting PCX to SHP. Please note the cameo needs to be a 60x48 image when adding one for RA2 and YR. It is unknown what side-effects result from making a smaller and/or larger cameo.

Once you have the SHP file, let's call it example.shp, you need to tell the game to use it:

  • Open the art(md).ini file.
  • Find the unit that should be using this cameo.
  • Edit its section so that the line

looks like


(the game automatically adds the .shp extension.)

  • There, you just told the game to look for your file and use it as a cameo for that unit.

Now you have to put the file somewhere where the game can find it. See How to put your files in the game.