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Allied General

RA2/YR AI Engine is based upon the AI engine used in TS.

The AI in RA2/YR is very dumb for the following reasons.

  • it takes ages to assemble teams
  • it builds tiny bases
  • it attacks infrequently and in small numbers
  • it actions are based upon predetermined "scripts" and "events"

However implementation of pool teams, [AIGenerals] (mainly for RA2) and a significant amount of modfication to taskforces and teamtypes can deliver an impressive AI as seen in Deezire's RA2 modification.

For more information vist Deezire Online register and download his editing guide and read the word doc AI


Stray=  ;If you want to use bigger TaskForces, increase this. ;Recommended:4-5.

RelaxedStray=  ;Increasing this prevens big TaskForces to get stuck at regroup and gather command. ;Recommended:5-7.

GuardModeStray= ;Again, if you want to use bigger TaskForces, increase this. ;Recommended:3-4.

TeamDelays=  ;This number says how often the AI checks for creating a TeamType in frames. Decreasing it is maybe the best thing you can ever do for the AI. Brutal, Medium, Easy. Recommended: Under 100.

AIHateDelays=  ;Delay in frames before AI chooses an enemy. Keep it low.

MultiplayerAICM=  ;Percent of addition money for AI. If you want your AI to have plenty of money, increase, but have more dogs guarding AI bases becouse if player's spy gets into an AI refinery, he gets a LOT of money. Brutal, Medium, Easy.

AIVirtualPurifiers= Same as above. 1 gives 25% bonus to money. Brutal, Medium, Easy.

HarvestersPerRefinery= Do not edit this. Only one AI will build additional harvesters and others will get stuck.

AIExtraRefineries= Same as above, but decreasing this can give AI more free space in base, and AI can replace a refinery fast. (but it also has less harvesters then, and less money) If you have big TaskForces and need space in base, decrease to 0,0,0 and increase AICM or VirtualPurifiers.

MinimumAIDefensiveTeams= Minimum number of IsBaseDefense=yes TeamTypes AI will build. If it is higher than max number of IsBaseDefense=yes TeamTypes AI can build, it will get stuck causing Soviet (But if high enough, also Allied and Yuri) dead AI issue. To prevent this, just make more IsBaseDefense=yes Teamtypes or increase their Max=. Recommended:3-5.

MaximumAIDefensiveTeams= Maximum number of IsBaseDefense=yes TeamTypes AI will build. Should be higher than minimum. Recomennded:5-7.

TotalAITeamCap= Maximum ofteams used by AI. Good idea to increase, but not too much if you haven't done something to give the AI more free space.

AIIonCannonxxxValue= Absolute ordering of targets when AI fires Weather Storm or Nuke. Descripion:

AIIonCannonConYardValue= Value of buildings with ConstructionYard=yes AIIonCannonWarFactoryValue= Value of buildings with WeaponsFactory=yes AIIonCannonPowerValue= Value of buildings with Power= above 0 AIIonCannonTechCenterValue= Value of BattleLabs AIIonCannonEngineerValue= Value of Engineers AIIonCannonThiefValue= Value of Thiefs (Logic still present in RA2) AIIonCannonHarvesterValue= Value of Harvesters AIIonCannonMCVValue= Value of MCVs AIIonCannonAPCValue= Value of Transporters AIIonCannonBaseDefenseValue=Value of buildings with IsBaseDefense=yes AIIonCannonPlugValue= Value of buildings with IsPlug=yes-if you give IsPlug=Yes to for example, SWs,this is their value. Of course, you must delete the comment first, or you get an IE AIIonCannonHelipadValue= Value of buildings with HoverPad=yes. Deleting the comment fixes HoverPad SW targeting IE. AIIonCannonTempleValue= Value of buildings with IsTemple=yes. Same as with Plug. Tip- use for SWs,refineries or with Purifiers/Vats/Plants

AISafeDistance= Distance from enemy base at which AI will execute the gather command. If your AI builds large bases, increase.

AIMinorSuperReadyPercent=.3 If Iron Cortain or ChronoSphere is this charged, AI will start preparing teams which make use of it. Decrease if you have long-building Chrono or Curtain teams.

AlliedBaseDefenseCounts= Brutal, Medium, Easy. Number of defense builddings the AI will build SovietBaseDefenseCounts= for each side. If too high, AI just builds defenses and somehow ThirdBaseDefenseCounts= forgets other buildings, also it then builds defense "chains". If you get total control of what AI builds when, then set defenses to be build later, increase this number to a very high number like 100, and you have nice ring of defenses around the AI base. If you want AI to have many defenses, but it always builds those chains, you can simply disable defenses and use tons of cloned buildings, that allows you to control when AI builds each building including defenses and things like sending SHK to all TESLA thanks to different building IDs.

AISuperDefenseProbability= Propability that AI will use ForceShield when attacked by major SWs. Recommended:99

AISuperDefenseFrames= If ForceShield is not ready when AI is attacked by major SWs, it can wait maximally this long or it will not fire. Set to as high as is the shortest delay before nuke hits, storm starts etc.

NodRegularPower= Power plants that is built by the AI when it needs more power (All powerplants GDIPowerPlant= AI builds are this, except first one) It is a good idea to set this to the ThirdPowerPlant= powerplant with highest Power= your mod has for that side, even for the Soviets (having NANRCT is risky, but it saves much space) If you want AI to have more space, make high output powerplant for every side and set this to it.

AI Tips: By increasing RepairPercent= and lowering RepairRate= you'll get faster but more costly structure repair, with cost that is propably still no harm for AI and it makes AI much more annoying as it repairs everything under attack if it has enough money.