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Flag: Explosion
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Crate Parameters; Animations
Applicable to: Powerups, VehicleTypes, AircraftTypes, BuildingTypes

There are 2 uses of this flag.

In the Crate Powerups section ([Powerups])

Here, the flag is used to control the effect of an Explosion crate. This crate type is unused in the game by default.

The fourth parameter is the amount of damage inflicted. This uses the warhead defined in C4Warhead so by editing that you can customize this crate power up.

On TechnoTypes

Specifies the list of explosion animations to use when this object is destroyed.
There are usually 5 in the list separated by commas, and the game displays them randomly at single-cell offsets from the center of the object.
Each of the animations should be listed in the [Animations] list and have their own entry defined in art(md).ini. Where a 6th animation is present on BuildingTypes it appears to be a structure-specific explosion (this is only used on power plants in Red Alert 2).

This does not work on InfantryTypes.