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Information similar to the one originally posted here can now be found at ModEnc:Copyrights.

Our Mission

Our proclaimed goal is to supersede DeeZire's Red Alert 2 and Yuris Revenge INI Editing Guide as the ultimate reference in RA2 and YR editing. Not because we're convinced it is bad in any way, but because, as much as we love The Guide, several truths cannot be denied:

  1. It hasn't been updated in ages
  2. It cannot be updated quickly to reflect newly gathered information
  3. It contains several errors and misses a great deal of information (not to mention that the Art Guide is a third party product, so to speak)
  4. It's limited in terms of content, as it is "only" an .ini flag reference
  5. Its format (several .doc files) is inconvenient, as it's badly searchable and you need an office application to read it

A modern wiki, on the other hand, is not subject to these limitations:

  1. It can be edited at any time, and is not only updated almost daily, but also provides detailed statistics about the updates, including the differences between versions and their authors.
  2. It can be edited by anyone - ModEnc contains information about proper use of Alpha images, has a complete RockPatch section, information about discovered bugs and can be updated within seconds to include information about newly discovered phenomena or techniques, by anyone who wants to. If tomorrow we learned about a newly discovered flag, a few hours later you could look it up here - and even fix our spelling errors, if you find any.
  3. Since at least every flag mentioned in The Guide has a page on ModEnc in one form or another, and we sport additional information ranging from simple things like the standard flag header to art info and whole tutorials, we're inheritly more complete than The Guide; due to ModEnc's wiki nature, mistakes ranging from typos over misconceptions to plainly wrong data can be fixed by anyone who spots them immediately.
  4. As noted above, ModEnc already includes dozens of tutorials, information about modders, mods, tools, modding techniques, RockPatch and so on. It can easily, and hopefully will be expanded to not only cover RA2/YR, but also TS/FS, Generals, Zero Hour, and any C