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ModEnc:General disclaimer

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The information on ModEnc is "owned" by nobody. It belongs to the community. ModEnc does, however, incorporate several tutorials it has been authorized to use, and these, unless otherwise stated, must not be copied without prior permission of the original authors. ( The difference between a quoted, third party tutorial, and a ModEnc-based tutorial is usually a bracket in the title saying (by: [username]).)

All other information on ModEnc may be copied at will, but only with a clear mark of it's original source (i.e. a reference to ModEnc). This is to ensure that the work and dedication of ModEnc's contributors is acknowledged, and, more importantly, to spread the word of ModEnc's existence, so more people become aware of it (which will ultimately reduce the number of times information will have to be quoted elsewhere). The only exception to this rule are contributors of the quoted page, as it'd be rather stupid for them to link to ModEnc for repeating their own information.

The information on ModEnc must not be used to create another ModEnc. This is to ensure that the community is not unnecessarily split apart. It's much more useful if the whole community works on one comprehensive guide, than two competing groups using each other's information to create two, essentially equal, inferior encyclopedias.