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  • ...research into the game's binary and his efforts to develop the RockPatch, pd has occasionally been able to indicate the area of the engine where the err ...ld not be treated as the go-to guy for any IEs you may have. Further more, pd may not neccessarily be able to help - without the source code or a compreh
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  • {{fn|1|An exception to this would be pd's [[RockPatch]].}}
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  • * [ Rock the Battlefield, pd's website]
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  • patch or "exe hack" for [[Westwood]]'s [[Yuri's Revenge]], created by [[pd]] and later continued by [[VK]]. Major code contributions were also made by ...files to modify the game?" - these were the magical first words spoken by pd to the DeeZire community, closely followed by "gamemd.exe hacked - new coun
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  • ...w an electric bolt along the projectile path. The colors <!-- according to pd --> of the bolt are derived from ''palette.pal'': position #10 (0x0A, sligh
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  • The project's goals are similar to [[pd]]'s [[RockPatch]], the main difference being that RP is for [[YR]], while E
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  • |dev=[[User:pd|pd]], [[User:DCoder|DCoder]], [[User:Electro|Electro]], [[User:Renegade|Renega
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  • ...familiar with the reverse-engineered ASM view of the code (as it is now, ''pd'', ''jonwil'', ''VK'', ''DCoder'' and ''TSHyper''). What the actual game cl ...r, linker and builds the .inj file as needed. This was originally coded by pd, and later improved on by DCoder and Alex. It's written in C# and is in the
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