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Flag: SpeedType
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: special strings
Default: Foot for InfantryTypes, Wheel for VehicleTypes, Winged for AircraftTypes and Float for BuildingTypes
Applicable to: InfantryTypes, VehicleTypes, AircraftTypes, BuildingTypes (to the same extent as Locomotors do)

SpeedType defines the way units move over certain terrain types. Each terrain type (Clear, Rough, Road, Tiberium, Water, etc.) has it's own section, setting up its defining characteristics:

Track=100% [1]
Float=0% [2]
Creep=100% [3]

The numbers indicate at what percent of it's Speed= can the unit with a certain SpeedType move over this terrain. You see that units with SpeedType=Hover, for instance, can move only up to half their normal Speed over this terrain. You can use percent over 100, it'll just revert to 100.

Note that the AircraftType's default SpeedType=Winged will always result in 100 percet movement ability.
Winged can not be modified in the terrain type's section (i.e. Winged=80% would not work).

The terrain type of a certain tile is set in the tile .tmp file.
Terrain types[4] are as follows:

Terrain Types

INI Name Usage
Clear Clear ground, no obstacles.
Road Dirt or paved roads.
Rough Rougher terrain such as rocky areas or thick grass. In RA2, this defaults to the same settings as Clear.
Rock rocks, trees, cliffs, anything impassable.
Tiberium areas covered in Ore/Gems/Tiberium.
Water Water as in rivers or ocean areas.
Railroad Train tracks (Works in TS, in RA2 requires Terrain Expansion (aka TX)).
Tunnel Tunnel Entrance/Exit (Works in TS, in RA2 requires Terrain Expansion (aka TX)).
Beach The line where water and ground join.
Weeds Tiberium Veins (Works in TS, in RA2 it is not assigned to anything and can be used for new movement rules).
Ice Water gone cold (Works in TS, in RA2 it is not assigned to anything and can be used for new movement rules).
Wall non-firestorm/non-laserfence walls.


  1. SpeedType=Track & SpeedType=Wheel are the defaults for VehicleTypes. Which one is used depends on the value of Crusher. If it's not set or set to 'no', Wheel is used. Otherwise Track is used.
  2. If value of Float SpeedType is above 0%, the terrain type is also affected by WaterBound.
  3. A new SpeedType is introduced in Firestorm, called Creep. It is originally used only by the Cyborg Reaper.
  4. You can make overlays which, when placed, transform the ground (technically) to any type mentioned above. To do that, use the Land=<terrain type name> tag on the overlay rules coding.