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Striker is an Austrian RA2- and YR-Fan. Playing regulary since YR came out, he often tried to make a mod to revive the game for LAN-Parties with the mod The Mental Crusade.

The first Version (1.0 Retail) of his mod he released June 2004, and it was used four times on different private LAN-Parties.

This was the Reason for him, to carry on working on his so called RA2YR LAN-Mod. After he heard about the RockPatch, he thought, it would be useful for his mod. April 2006 he released the Version 1.6 using RockPatch.

The latest Version (1.8.3) has been released May 3, 2007 using RPCE74 #0106.

Due the usage of graphics from other mods, it was the best option not to make the mod public.