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Flag: PrimaryFireFLH
File(s): Art(md).ini
Values: three comma-separated signed integers
Default: 0,0,0
Applicable to: InfantryTypes, VehicleTypes, AircraftTypes, BuildingTypes

Specifies the firing offset (FLH) of this object's Primary weapon.

F=forward axis, L=lateral axis, H=vertical axis.

Units are in leptons, which are 256 per cell boundary, or 128 from center to edge. The vertical leptons are halved in relative offset, just as the artwork for a cell is half as tall as it is wide, thus 128 equals a height of 1 in terrain elevation.

Positive values are forward, right; up, negative values are rearward, left, down.

Weapons with an even number Burst value (e.g. 2) will consider a non-zero value for L as the mirror twin offset for the subsequent even numbered bullet/projectile. In this way a twin barrelled tank (e.g. Apocalypse) or twin pod rocket launcher (e.g. IFV) can shoot from both sides.

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