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"If the unit does not appear, you may need to set Harvester=yes and the Dock=AnyUnbuildableStructure flags on the unit in order to get the unit to appear." What is that based on? I've had various free units with various buildings and never needed the above. Kilkakon, can you provide more details about why this would be neccessary?

-- 15:12, 31 January 2007 (CET) I have removed that comment as I too have never heard of the unit not appearing. Further more, I can confirm that those flags are definitely not required as I have had various free units without those flags. Even if a unit were not to appear for some reason, the reason would not be because of the aforementioned flags. The flags *might* work-around such a problem, but I would expect side-effects and believe that alternative explanation should be found. Has anyone actually had this problem and, if so, can you provide an explanation of the cause?

Kilkakon's reply

I was making a self-destroying structure to get a unit, in RA2. The thing wouldn't appear; Harvester=yes and Dock=CANULL fixed it. I'm sorry I can't remember any more details as I fixed this problem in November 2006.