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One of the principal characteristics of any terrain is passability, i.e. how well units can traverse it. In Tiberian Dawn, terrain tiles were simply either passable or not. In Red Alert, this system was expanded significantly. Different tiles could now affect the speed of different units at different rates. This attribute is managed by LandTypes.

LandTypes are essentially different types of terrain. Every terrain tile has a parameter linking it to a specific LandType.

The available LandTypes are as follows:

LandType Available in Description
Game ra yes.png Game ts yes.png Game ra2 yes.png
Clear Clear ground, no obstacles.
Rough Rougher terrain such as rocky areas or thick grass. In Red Alert 2, this defaults to the same settings as Clear.
Road Dirt or paved roads.
Water Water as in lakes or ocean areas.
Rock Rocks, trees, cliffs, anything impassable.
Wall Non-firestorm/non-laserfence walls.
Ore Ore/Gem overlays.
Tiberium Ore/Gem/Tiberium overlays.
Beach The line where water and ground join.
River Rivers.
Ice Water gone cold (works in Tiberian Sun, in Red Alert 2 it is not assigned to anything and can be used for new movement rules).
Tunnel Tunnel entrance/exit (works in Tiberian Sun, in Red Alert 2 requires Terrain Expansion (aka TX)).
Railroad Train tracks (works in Tiberian Sun, in Red Alert 2 requires Terrain Expansion (aka TX)).
Weeds Tiberium Veins (Works in TS, in RA2 it is not assigned to anything and can be used for new movement rules).
Cliff Cliffs (before Red Alert 2 Rock was used for cliffs).

In addition to unit speeds, LandType governs whether buildings can be constructed on the terrain or not.

Each LandType has it's own section in rules(md).ini, setting up its defining characteristics:

;The following LandTypes were added Tiberian Sun and later games:
Creep=100% ;only available in Firestorm
FloatBeach=0% ;only available in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge

The numbers indicate at what percent of its speed can units with a matching SpeedType move over this terrain. In this example, units with SpeedType=Hover, for instance, can move only up to half their normal Speed over tiles with this LandType.


  • You can make overlays which, when placed, transform the ground (technically) to any type mentioned above. To do that, use the Land=<terrain type name> tag on the overlay rules coding.
  • Winged can not be modified in the LandType section (i.e. Winged=80% would not work).
  1. Any percentage exceeding 100% is ignored; 200% will have the same effect as 100%.
  2. If the value for Track is set to 0%, it will make the LandType impassable for units using Foot as their SpeedType as well.
  3. If value of Float SpeedType is above 0%, the LandType is also affected by WaterBound.